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I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and Director of the Laboratory for Research on Conflict and Collective Action at Vanderbilt University.  You can download my CV here.

My work is devoted to understanding the causes and consequences of violent conflict in human civilization.  My research involves the development and analysis of game-theoretic models of various aspects of conflict, often drawing on the principles of economic theory and my experience working for the U.S. government on national security policy.  I have taught a variety of courses, whose subject matter ranges across psychology, economics, political science, policy analysis, and a bit of evolutionary biology.




The background image is Fighting Forms, painted by Franz Marc at the start of the first World War in 1914.  It was to be his last work:  Marc enlisted in the German army and was killed in the Battle of Verdun, along with an estimated 976,000 others.  It was arguably the longest, and one of the costliest, battles in human history.

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